Captain a space freighter in this interplanetary sim!

It's a WIP (work in progress)...

I think I've nailed down gravity relationships but I've got to get to work soon so I haven't tested it throroughly to see if the planets don't fly into the sun. But that fun part is yours to savor.

This is a minimum viable product, and will probably be the project to replace Battle Creek (I've got plans to 'can' that other project). In its full form you'll fly colonial supplies between space stations in multiple planetary orbits around our solar system, but right now, you can fling yourself around the solar system at breakneck speeds and occasionally smash into Mars. Sounds like fun, eh?

Please leave a comment with a suggestion on features you'd like to see in the full game. Thanks for playing it!

(This game goes by multiple names: "Space Truckers", "Gravicore", etc.)

Minor Edit: I forgot to mention how to pilot the ship in the game. Here is the "how to play" low-down: simply hover your mouse (or tap the ship) over the rocket ship to fire a thrust vector of a burn of 3 seconds. That will push you away from any planetary bodies.

It's a very rudimentary MVP right now.

Published Jun 24, 2018
StatusOn hold
AuthorNathan Z.
Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Gravity, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space

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